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About Us

Our company has evolved over the years from a purely Pathology Referral
Service provider to an organisation with four distinct divisions.

1. Pathology Referrals and Clinical Trials Assay Service.

2. Pathology, Surgical, Medical and Hospital Supplies & Hospital  Commissioning

3. Conference, Seminar and Workshop Organisation.

4. Consultancy Services [Health & Safety, Accreditation, and management].

The overall ethos of the company is to provide a very personal client - oriented service. We strive to provide products and services of superior value which more than just meet the expectations of our clients.

We constantly strive to be creative and innovative in all our endeavours.

We demand openness and honesty throughout our operations to engender trust and integrity which underscores everything we do. We believe that every activity must be able to pass the test of professional, public and internal scrutiny at all times.

We are a performance driven company and we continuously aim to improve performance in all that we do.

All our staff are fully trained and proficient in their field of operation and belong to their relevant body of accredited organisations.

Bioscience Services (UK) Ltd.

Providing a Bespoke and Comprehensive Service Nationally and Internationally

Bioscience Services (UK) Ltd.

Working Within the Health Service Since 1997.